Do I Look Like an Elf?

By Elle

As I was skimming the racks at Salvation Army the other day, this belted sleeveless jacket caught my eye, first because of its rich green color, and second because of its woolly texture. Turns out, it’s a wool/cashmere blend, a lovely combo that gives the jacket a soft, cozy feel.

The jacket was made in Canada by one of its leading fashion designers, Joseph Ribkoff, and although it’s a little big on me, I snagged it anyway, thinking I’ll probably wear it over heavier winter clothing. Plus, it was only six bucks.  (I also bought an Anne Klein raincoat with a detachable hood — been on the hunt for a hooded raincoat for a while now — for just 10 bucks, a total steal.)

I intentionally paired my new sleeveless jacket with black boots to enhance the elfin look. I reckon a Santa hat would have driven the look right home, but I’m not one to go overboard.

So, to get back to my original question, do I look like an elf?

Joseph Ribkoff Sport sleeveless jacket

Mamas Helping Mamas

By Abby and Elle

In this oft-unruly world, it’s reassuring to know that there are people who want economic independence and good health for others — not just for themselves — and they work to make that happen.

Global Mamas is an organization that’s been doing this for African women and their families for more than a decade.  They make and sell a variety of handmade products — most using traditional techniques, such as batiking — that you can order online or get locally from Revive Fair Trade Eco-Boutique in Cleveland Heights. 

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Wolf or Witch?

By Abby

Halloween is just around the corner, and you were probably invited to a costume party, right? Well, I hate spending money on something I will only wear once, especially on something as silly as a Halloween costume. So I use the clothes I already have and buy that one thing that will turn my outfit from cute to costume.

Yeah it’s that easy.

Take a look at the examples below. Turn your furry grey coat and boots into the Big Bad Wolf by adding dog ears. Or turn that cute black ensemble into a witch costume by adding striped stockings or a pointy hat.

Happy Haunting!

Wolf or Witch?


Designer Clothing Sale: Sneak Preview!

By Abby and Elle

NCJW Designer Days 2015

Designer Dress Days: Oct. 23 and 25 through 27, at the Mandel Jewish Community Center in Beachwood

As promised, here’s your sneak preview of some of the fabulous designer clothing — fashions by Armani, St. John, Carlisle, Chanel, Burberry, Ilie Wacs, Escada and more — you can get for a song from the National Council of Jewish Women / Cleveland’s Designer Dress Days.

Designer Dress Days is more than clothing; you’ll find bags, jewelry, hats and scarves. If you’re a fan of furs, you’ll find those, too.

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